Choline serves a number of critical functions in the body such as improve fat metabolism in the liver, builds and maintains cell structure, supports nervous system function and brain development, serves as a source of methyl donors for methionine formation, an essential amino acid and serves as a source of osmolytes that regulate cell volume. Choline can be synthesized by most species, although in many cases not in sufficient amounts or rapidly enough to satisfy all the animal’s needs.

Kem LCCTM is a combination of Choline chloride with liver tonic. This ensures for better energy metabolism and superior liver protection.

Composition :

Choline Chloride

Tricholine citrate

Copper sulphate

Potassium chloride

Sodium citrate

Andrographis paniculata

Eclipta alba

Picrorhiza kurroa


Active dried yeast

Benefits :

  • Combined benefits of Choline chloride and Liver Tonic
  • Prevents fatty liver syndrome
  • Superior liver protection and improved immunity
  • Reduces fat build-up in the liver and improves meat quality
  • Prevents perosis in chicks
  • Improvers egg production and egg quality

Helps to overcome a stressful condition

Usage :

1 kg per ton of finished feed

Or as recommended by the veterinarian

Pack size :

25 Kg bag

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