The liver plays a huge role in maintaining the health of animals in lactation as well as transition. KemOLiv RPC is an innovative combination of liver tonic and rumen-protected choline. Supplementation of RPC along with liver tonic decreases the health disturbances and boosts liver functions. Choline improves the utilization of fat by the liver, thereby reducing the incidences of fatty liver syndrome. The transition period is the most crucial stage in the lactation cycle of dairy animals due to its association with negative hormonal and energy balances. Choline helps in stress management during the transition period. KemOLiv RPC is the key solution for a healthy liver.


Andrographis paniculata

Eclipta alba

Picrorhiza kurroa

Copper sulphate

Potassium chloride

Sodium citrate

Liver Extract



Prevents fatty liver syndrome and ketosis

Prevent negative energy balance during the transition period

Enhances milk yield

Reduces stress

Boosts liver functions

Improves animal health and immunity

Usage: Dairy feed: 1000-1500 grams per ton of feed

Dairy animal: 15-20 grams per day per animal

Or as recommended by the veterinarian

 Pack size: 25 kg

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