Maintaining good health is of prime importance for stimulating digestion and better growth. Hence stabilizing ruminal microflora becomes important. Kembio Mix is a novel concept in the dairy market. It is a combination of rumen- specific live yeast and cellulase enzyme. The use of yeast culture as a dietary supplement is a useful tool to stabilize ruminal pH by increasing the concentration of lactate- utilizing bacteria, thus avoiding accumulation of lactic acid. It also improves fiber digestion by increasing the count of cellulolytic bacteria in the rumen. Also, the cellulase enzyme further helps in fiber digestion. Consequently, it boosts milk production and fat percentage.


  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Cellulase enzyme



  • Helps to maintain favorable rumen environment & ecosystem
  • Helps to neutralize anti-nutritional factors
  • Optimizes utilization of all nutrients of feed
  • Improves ruminal beneficial bacterial count
  • Helps in boosting milk production & maintaining milk fat

Usage: Dairy Feed: 1000-1500 g /ton of feed

Dairy Animals: 20-30 g/ day/animal

Or as recommended by Veterinarian


Pack size: 25 kg (5 kg X 5 bags) Drum

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