Preventative biosecurity is now a pre-requisite to poultry production; poultry producers worldwide are taking the necessary steps to establish strict biosecurity programmes to eliminate pathogenic organisms from the farm environment.

Routine farm practices such as terminal disinfection of empty sheds, equipments, disinfection of incoming vehicles, control of aerial respiratory transmission, sanitation of hatchery equipments and preparing footbath prevent the horizontal transmission of disease which can spread rapidly through the flock under intensive poultry production conditions. KemRaksha+ TM is one of the most effective disinfectant for infectious disease management in poultry and livestock farming.

Composition :


Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC)


Benefits :

  • Broad spectrum activity against all classes of virus, gram +ve and gram –ve bacteria and fungi
  • Active even in the presence of organic matter
  • Active in wide pH range
  • Economical formulation and effective terminal disinfectant

Usage :

Dilution Application
Routine disinfectant 3-5 ml/litre 100 ml of dilute solution/sq meter area.
Surface disinfectant 5 ml/litre 100 ml of dilute solution/sq meter area.
Fogging 5 ml/litre 0.5 litre of dilute solution/100 cubic meter.
Foot dip/ wheel wash 5 ml/litre Replace twice a week.


Pack size :

1 litre bottle or 5 litres jar

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