Lactofour is a unique composition for optimum rumen potential & milk yield. It is a wonderful combination of bypass fat, bypass protein, probiotics & vitamins. It helps in maintaining the positive energy balance in animals and fulfills the requirements of high yielding animals. It also boosts the beneficial microflora in the rumen. It improves milk production & body condition score of dairy animals.


Bypass fat

Bypass protein


Lactobacillus sporogenes


Helps to boost beneficial microflora in the rumen

Helps to improve overall digestibility of nutrients

Helps to improve milk production and milk quality

Helps to improve the fertility of dairy animals

Enhances body condition score (BCS) of dairy animals

Usage: Cows & Buffaloes: 50-100 g/animal/day

Sheep & Goats: 10-15 g/animal/day

Or as recommended by the Veterinarian


Pack size: 1kg & 5kg bags

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