Acidifiers play an integral role in the optimization of poultry health and productivity. These compounds, typically organic or inorganic acids, are added to poultry feed or drinking water to maintain an acidic gut environment, which is conducive to nutrient absorption and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The strategic use of acidifiers can improve feed efficiency, promote a balanced gut microflora, and enhance the immune response of poultry, thereby contributing to better overall flock performance.

One such product in the market is Kem-O-Cid, a well-known acidifier specifically formulated for the poultry industry. It is designed to create a favourable gut pH, ensuring that birds can achieve optimal growth and health. The inclusion of Kem-O-Cid in poultry diets has been associated with reduced instances of gastrointestinal diseases, which are often caused by bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. By lowering the pH in the bird’s digestive tract, it makes the environment less hospitable for these pathogens, while also aiding in nutrient digestion and absorption. Utilizing acidifiers is an effective approach to enhancing poultry performance and maintaining animal welfare standards within the industry.

Kem-O-Cid Gold

Coated Acidifier, Mould Inhibitor & Antifungal

Presentation : 25 kg drum

Combination of organic acids coated with essential oil, Phosphoric acid Citric acid, Butyric acid, Formic acid, Acetic acid, CuSO4, Essential oil coating, Carrier.

Indications :

✓ Reduces pH in the feed
✓ Reduced pH in gastro-Intenstinal tract
✓ Targeted reduction of harmful bacteria & fungi
✓ Long term control of Salmonella, E.coli & other harmful bacteria
✓ Provide support for optimum performance
✓ Stimulate digestive secretion
✓ Favors optimal enzymatic activity
✓ Improves litter quality

Usage :

✓ To be thoroughly mixed in finished feed @ 1 kg/ton of feed. Or as recommended by veterinarian

Composition (Each kg contains)

✓ Blend of potentiated organic acids:
✓ Acetic acid, formic acid, butyric acid & benzoic acid

Indications :

✓ Lowers pH and salinity of water
✓ Potentiates action of chlorine
✓ Eliminates harmful pathogens in drinking water
✓ Helps to maintain acidic pH of gut
✓ Prevents colonization of enteric pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, and Clostridium
✓ Establishes beneficial microflora within gut
✓ Improves FCR and weight gain

Usage :

✓ Through water: 0.25-0.5 ml/liter
✓ Through feed
✓ Broilers: 0.5 liter/ton of feed
✓ Layers: 0.5 liter/ton of feed
✓ Breeders: 1.0 liter/ton of feed Or as recommended by veterinarian

Kem-O-Cid pHB

A Potent Water Acidifier

Presentation: 1 litre & 5 litre jar

Kem-O-Cid Supreme

A Complete Acidifier with Yucca Extract

Indications :

✓ Reduction of gastric pH.
✓ Inhibition of bacterial growth
✓ Enhanced digestibility
✓ Energy substrate for enterocytes
✓ Improves feed hygiene & prevents mould
✓ Yucca extract helps to reduce ammonia production by improving protein digestion

Presentation : 25 kg bag pack

✓ Blend of Formic acid
✓ Propionic acid
✓ Calcium propionate
✓ Benzoic acid
✓ Citric acid
✓ Acetic acid
✓ Butyric acid
✓ Yucca extract

Usage :

✓ 0.5 kg / Ton of feed to control moulds
✓ 1-2 kg/ Ton of feed to reduce pH and help in control of pathogens OR as directed by poultry nutritionist