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EucaMint is the product of choice when it comes to addressing respiratory distress in poultry. This natural product contains rich blends of essential oils is highly effective in restoring respiratory functions in birds. One of the key reasons for its effectiveness is that it operates through three mechanisms of defence. Firstly, it helps in controlling the excess production of mucus in the respiratory system. Excessive mucus can clog the airways and hinder the breathing process in poultry, by regulating mucus production, it ensures that the airways remain clear, allowing birds to breathe comfortably. Secondly, EucaMint plays a crucial role in protecting scavenger cells. These cells serve as the first line of defence in the lungs and are responsible for engulfing foreign particles such as dust and other contaminants. By enhancing the function of these cells, EucaMint helps to keep the respiratory system clean and free from harmful substances. Lastly, it promotes the health of the respiratory epithelium, specifically the cilia. Cilia are tiny hair-like structures that line the airways and help in moving mucus and trapped particles out of the lungs. By supporting the health and function of cilia, EucaMint ensures efficient clearance of mucus and foreign particles from the respiratory system.

A Rich Blend of Essential Oils


Naturally Restores Respiratory Functions

Presentation : 500 ml x 12
Composition (Each kg contains)

✓ Eucalyptus oil : 15%
✓ Pepprmint oil : 10%
✓ Menthol : 5%
✓ Calamus oil : 1%
✓ Sage oil : 1%
✓ Lavender oil : 1%
✓ Thyme oil : 5%

Indications :

✓ Effective in respiratory blockages, breathing problems & heat stress
✓ Anti-mucolytic and anti-inflammatory.
✓ Ensures relief from pain & smoothens respiratory tract
✓ Safe in drinking water; No withdrawal period.
✓ Stimulates air, feed & water intake.

Usage :

✓ Preparation method for 1000 birds
✓ Prepare a solution of 10MI EucaMint and 500Ml of warm water (40 °C). This solution is then added to 40L of drinking water