Emulsifiers play a pivotal role in the poultry industry, facilitating the efficient utilization of feed and promoting overall bird health. These agents are critical in stabilizing the mixture of fats, water, and other components in feed, ensuring a homogenous distribution of nutrients for optimal digestion and absorption. A prime example of an emulsifier used is Lipibond, a specialized formulation designed to enhance the energy value of feed. Lipibond assists in the breakdown of fats into smaller particles, making them more accessible for digestion by poultry. This improved fat utilization translates into better growth rates, healthier birds, and ultimately, increased profitability for poultry farmers. By incorporating emulsifiers such as Lipibond into their feeding regimes, producers can achieve a more efficient feed conversion ratio and a higher quality end-product. As such, the strategic use of emulsifiers is becoming an integral part of advanced poultry nutrition programs.

Advanced Fat Absorption Technology


A Superior Emulsifier With PEGR

Presentation: 5 kg x 5 bag pack

Balanced combination of Polyethylene Glycol Ricinoleate, Lysophospholipids and Phospholipids.

Oil Oil in Complete Feed Lipibond
Vegetable oil 1% -2%
2% -3% above 3%-5%
150-200 g/ton
200 -250 g/ton
250 -300 g/ton
Animal fat 1%-2%
3%-5% and above
150 -200 g/ton
200 -300 g/ton
300 -400 g/ton
Benefits :

✓ Double strength emulsifier- lower inclusion gives optimum result
✓ Superior combination- extra efficacy even in varied inclusion rate of oils/ fats are included in ration