Toxin Binder

In the competitive field of dairy farming, maximizing the health and productivity of livestock is paramount. Enzyme supplements have become a crucial component in achieving this goal, with products like Kem Cell Plus 4 leading the way. This innovative product is a unique blend of multi-enzymes specifically designed to enhance the digestive process of dairy animals. By breaking down feed more efficiently, Kem Cell Plus 4 ensures that animals can extract the maximum possible nutrients from their diet, leading to improved milk yields and overall animal health.

Similarly, Kembio Mix represents another significant advancement in animal nutrition. This combination of yeast and enzymes offers a two-pronged approach to dietary enhancement. The inclusion of yeast supports a healthy rumen environment, promoting beneficial microbial growth, while the enzymes work to further optimize feed breakdown and nutrient absorption. Together, these products represent the cutting edge of nutritional supplements for dairy animals, providing farmers with the tools they need to ensure their herds are healthy, productive, and profitable. Integrating such supplements into a dairy animal’s diet can lead to significant improvements in milk production and farm efficiency.



Toxin Binder


✓ Copper Sulphate

Benefits :

✓ Binds toxins.
✓ Inhibits mold growth & Fungicidal.
✓ Prolongs shelf-life of feeds and raw materials.
✓ Minimizes risk of mycotoxin production during storage.

Recommended Usages

Cattle Feed

1 Kg - 1.5 Kg / Ton

Cattle & Buffalo

20 - 25 G / Day

Or as per recommendation of Animal Nutritionist


Store in a dry place at ambient temperature (not exceeding 25°C), away from sunlight. Keep opened packs tightly closed.

Or as per recommendation of Animal Nutritionist