Maintaining robust biosecurity protocols is crucial in the poultry industry to protect flocks from infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. A critical component of these protocols is the use of effective disinfectants. Chembond’s KemRaksha range serve as a reliable disinfectant designed specifically for poultry farms and hatcheries. It offers a comprehensive solution to mitigate the spread of pathogens and safeguard the health of poultry. Its formulation is engineered to tackle a broad spectrum of microorganisms that can compromise biosecurity, ensuring a hygienic environment for poultry to thrive.

In addition to surface disinfection, water quality in poultry farms must not be overlooked. BromoGrane is another essential product that acts as a water sanitizer for poultry, addressing the need for clean and safe drinking water for birds. The presence of contaminants in water can lead to the rapid transmission of diseases, which makes the use of an appropriate water sanitizer indispensable. BromoGrane’s properties ensure that the water consumed by poultry is free from harmful microorganisms, thus enhancing overall flock immunity and contributing to a bio secure environment. The integration of these specialized products within poultry farm management practices is a testament to the industry’s commitment to high standards of hygiene and disease prevention.

KemRaksha 49

A Fast Acting Farm & Hatchery Disinfectant

Presentation : 200g & 1kg
Easy and Convenient

✓ KemRaksha 49 rapidly dissolves in hard or soft water and can be used on all surfaces regardless of pH
✓ It is suitable for use for sanitising water systems, in the presence of organic matter, and with all modern disinfection apparatus including spraying, misting and fogging equipment for aerial disinfection.


✓ Triple salt containing (Potassium peroxymonosulfate, potassium hydrogen sulfate, potassium sulfate)  49.8%
✓ Sodium chloride   1.5%
✓ Buffer & excipient   Q.S.


✓ Highly effective against a wide range of organisms including Newcastle Disease Virus, Avian Influenza, Coronavirus, Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.coli and FMD
✓ Highly effective in surface disinfection Can be applied to surfaces and equipment to clean and disinfect in a one-step operation.

Use Dilution Rate Application Rate
Aerial Spray (Disease challenge/ outbreak/routine disinfection) 5glit With proper sprayer to give fine mist covering, 1 liter solution for 125 sq.ft.area.
Disease challenge/outbreak 1g/5 lit In drinking water for 5-7 days or till the risk is over.
Foot dip/Vehicle dip 10g/lit Replace solution as & when solled heavily.
Eggs cleaning & Disinfection Water System 10g/lit To mop/fog, 10 sec./10 sq.ft.area.
Disinfection 10g/lit To effectively remove biofilm, keep solution for 2-3 hrs, in pipeline and flush out.
Water Treatment Terminal Disinfection 1g/15 lit To control water borne infections.
Disinfection 10g/lit To effectively remove biofilm, keep solution for 2-3 hrs, in pipeline and flush out.
Empty Sheds (To break disease cyde) 5glit Drench wet the shed with proper sprayer. 1 liter prepared solution/30 Sq.ft. carpet area.

KemRaksha +

A Potent Disinfectant for Biosecurity


✓ Broad spectrum activity against Gm +ve, Gm -ve bacteria, viruses and fungi
✓ Active even in the presence of organic matter
✓ Active in wide pH range
✓ Economical formulation

Presentation: 25 kg bag
Presentation: 1 liter & 5 liter

✓ Glutaraldehyde : 15%
✓Alkyl-dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC) : 20%
✓ Pine Oil : q.s.


Dilution rate: 3-5 ml/liter of water or as recommended by veterinarian

Routine disinfectant3-5 ml/L100 ml of dilute solution/sq. Meter area
Surface disinfectant5 ml/L100 ml of dilute solution/sq. Meter area
Fogging5 ml/L0.5 L of dilute solution/ 100 cubic meter
Foot dip / wheel wash5 ml/LReplace twice a week

✓ Bromochloro-5,5- dimethylimidazolidine-2,4- dione (BCDMH): 95% (Min)
✓ Excipients : q.s.


✓ Broad spectrum activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi
✓ Slow-releasing, sustained action
✓ Effective at a low concentration
✓ No water turbidity
✓ Active in the presence of organic and inorganic matter
✓ Reduces mortality
✓ Maintains hygiene in farms and hatcheries
✓ Active in a wide pH range of 1-10


A Potent Water Sanitizer


✓ Routine use: 7g/1000 L of water In case of outbreaks:
✓ 10 g/1000 L of water. Or as recommended by veterinarian.

Presentation : 200g bottle/ 1 kg pack with measuring scoop