Hydroxylated Vitamin D

The inclusion of hydroxylated forms of Vitamin D, such as Previte Alpha D3 and Premix, has emerged as a pivotal factor for enhancing the health and productivity of poultry birds. Previte Alpha D3, a highly bioavailable form of Vitamin D, is an essential dietary supplement that supports calcium absorption, skeletal integrity, and overall well-being in poultry. Its hydroxylated structure ensures that it is readily utilized within the birds’ systems, bypassing the need for metabolic activation by the liver and kidneys which is necessary for conventional Vitamin D supplements.

The administration of Chembond’s Previte Alpha D3 and Premixes in poultry feed has shown to improve eggshell quality, boost growth rates, and enhance the immune response, which are critical parameters for profitability and efficiency in commercial poultry operations. Furthermore, ensuring adequate levels of Vitamin D through hydroxylated sources like Previte Alpha D3 helps prevent the onset of deficiency-related diseases such as rickets in young birds and osteomalacia in laying hens. As such, incorporating hydroxylated Vitamin D into poultry nutrition programs is a sophisticated approach that aligns with modern strategies aimed at optimizing bird health and performance.

Previte ® Alpha D3

The purest bioactive Vitamin D3 metabolite in the industry

Presentation : 100g, 1kg & 5kg
Composition (Each kg contains)

✓ 1 alpha (OH)D3 (B.P.grade)- 16,000,000 IU

Indications :

✓ Prevents tibial dyschondroplasia.
✓ Improve eggshell quality & hatchability.
✓ Enhances calcium & phosphorus adsorption.
✓ Improves overall performance in broilers, layers & breeders.

Usage :

✓ 10-12.5 g per ton of finished feed.
On top applications:
✓ Feed: 5-7g per ton
✓ Water: Soluble Previte Alpha D3 5g/1000 birds in drinking water Or as recommended by veterinarian.

Composition (Each kg contains)

✓ Pure lalpha(OH)D3 (BP Grade) 8,00,000 IU
✓ Organic bioactive soya grits carrier q.s.

Indications :

✓ Prevents tibial dyschondroplasia
✓ Improve eggshell quality & hatchability
✓ Enhances calcium & phosphorus adsorption
✓ Improves overall performance in broilers, layers & breeders

Usage :

✓ 250 g per ton of finished feed.
✓ Or as recommended by veterinarian

Previte ® Alpha D3 Premix

Presentation: 25 kg bag