Antibiotic Growth Promoter

The use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) in poultry is a practice aimed at enhancing the growth rates and feed efficiency of birds, thereby improving the overall production economics for poultry farmers. These substances are added to feed or drinking water to kill or inhibit bacteria that would otherwise compete with the bird for nutrients or cause infections. However, the use of AGPs has come under scrutiny due to concerns about the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can have serious implications for both animal and human health. In response, there has been a shift towards alternative strategies and products like NDZ Forte, which is designed to promote growth and health in poultry without the drawbacks associated with traditional antibiotics. NDZ Forte is a formulation that supports gut health and optimizes digestion, contributing to better nutrient absorption and enhanced performance in poultry. The responsible use of such alternatives aligns with the global trend towards sustainable agricultural practices and the safeguarding of antibiotic efficacy for medical purposes.

NDZ Forte

Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Growth Promoter

Presentation: 25 kg (5 x 5 bags) drum
Composition (Each kg contains)

✓ Neomycin Sulphate (Pure) : 1%
✓ Doxycycline HCL (Pure) : 1%
✓ Zinc Bacitracin (Pure) : 13%
✓ Folic Acid : 1%
✓ Vitamin B12 : 2.2 mg

Indications :

✓ Improves procuction efficiency & body weight gain
✓ Prevents diseases and Reduces mortality
✓ Exhibits broad spectrum acivity against
✓ Gram+Ve and Gram-Ve bacteria.
✓ Maintains flock uniformity and farm economy

Usage :

✓ 500g per ton of feed. Or as recommended by veterinarian