Growth Promoters

Growth promoters play a crucial role in the poultry industry by enhancing the growth and development of poultry birds. These growth promoters are specially formulated supplements that contain essential nutrients and additives to support the overall health and performance of the birds. They are designed to optimize the growth rate, feed efficiency, and immune function of poultry. One of the main challenges faced by poultry farmers is heat stress, which can negatively impact the growth and productivity of the birds. Heat stress leads to reduced feed intake, decreased nutrient absorption, and increased metabolic rate. This is where growth promoters come into play. They help mitigate the effects of heat stress by improving nutrient utilization, enhancing digestion, and boosting the immune system. By incorporating growth promoters into the poultry diet, farmers can ensure optimal growth and performance even under challenging environmental conditions. These supplements provide a cost-effective solution to improve the profitability and sustainability of poultry farming operations.

Stedigro, a poultry growth promoter by Chembond, contains a blend of essential vitamins, electrolytes, dextrose, and MSM. One of its primary advantages is combating heat stress and reducing poultry mortality caused by excessive temperatures. This is especially crucial in warm climates or during summer. It helps maintain poultry comfort by stabilizing heart rates and enhancing immune systems. Electrolytes are another vital component of Stedigro. Alongside added Vitamin C, they facilitate the formation of healthy cells in poultry bodies, essential during heat stress periods when the body is under strain. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, safeguarding poultry cells from free radical damage. MSM, another important ingredient, supports overall poultry health by cleansing bloodstreams and eliminating trapped toxins, allowing the body to heal and function optimally.



Usage :

✓ 1 g/liter of drinking water or 1 kg/ton of feed of poultry & fish
✓ or as directed by animal nutritionists

Presentation : 1 kg standy pouch

✓ Vitamin A : 3000000 IU
✓ Vitamin E : 3 g
✓ Vitamin B1 : 2 g
✓ Vitamin B6 : 600 mg
✓ Vitamin C : 5 g
✓ Sodium Chloride Dextrose : 15 g
✓ Monohydrate : 937 g
✓ Vitamin D3 : 600000 IU
✓ Vitamin K3 : 3 g
✓ Vitamin B2 : 1g
✓ Vitamin B12 : 2.5 mg
✓ Potassium Chloride : 9 g
✓ MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) : 15 g

Benefits :

✓ Reduces early chick mortality
✓ Reduces stress
✓ Improves performance
✓ Maintains peak production