Carp fish.

Aquaculture has recently become the fast-growing segment of the animal industry. Chembond Animal Health supports this growth and provides nutritional solutions aimed at improving performance and profit. Our product range consists of organic minerals and probiotics for aquaculture.

Noripro SP

The rapid growth of microbial culture makes pond cleaner and healthier… Read More

Noripro WP

Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria by substrate competition through which diseases are minimized… Read More

Norizyme C

Better absorption and assimilation of nutrients digested… Read More

Noricon S

It destroys bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae and prevents slime and slime build up… Read More
Water Hygiene/Ammonia binder for Aqua Culture

Noribind Y

Reduces off odour and creates a better pond environment… Read More

Norivite MN

Help to maintain good pond water ecology by maintaining good Bloom multiplication and growth of probiotic that is added to the pond for the protection of the cultured species viz. shrimp & fish…Read More