Holstein dairy cows are fed in a farm

The rapid growth of milk production in India has been mainly because of increase in the number of animals rather than that of improved productivity. Chembond Animal Health provides nutritional solutions for dairy animals. We offer rumen health management through KembioTMgroup, which contains probiotics and enzymes, stabilizing rumen pH and increasing rumen microflora. We also offer highly bioavailable Kemvit-M, organic glycine chelated minerals. To overcome stress and promote immunity we have quality and effective vitamins and liver tonic. With on-farm technical support and practical applications of economical quality products, Chembond Animal Health aims to help achieve maximum potential and productivity of dairy animals.

Kembio Mix

Maintaining good health is of prime importance for stimulating digestion and better growth. Hence stabilizing ruminal microflora becomes important. Kembio Mix is a novel concept in the dairy market. It is a combin… Read More

Previte ADBE-H

Previte ADBE-H is a liquid AD3E fortified with selenium and vitamin H (biotin) for optimum milk production and udder health. It strengthens udder tissues and muscles and prevents mastitis. It helps to overcome… Read More


Consistently higher milk production is a challenge. High yielding dairy animals, after parturition, may suffer from negative calcium balance, i.e. calcium is mobilized from bones to meet the demand for high m… Read More


For good health & high milk yield, the animal needs to be fed the proper amount of available minerals & vitamins. Numerous factors influence the requirement of mineral & vitamins & their availabil… Read More

Kembio SC

Rumen pH is a key parameter for the better ruminal function. Due to intense microbial fermentation of feedstuffs, a wide range of organic acids is produced in the rumen. Some of these acids can accumulate and reduce ru… Read More

Kem Cell Plus 4

Animals are fed a large quantity of fiber-rich diet. These fibers are made up of a complex structure known as cellulose. Numerous microorganisms in the rumen produce enzyme cellulase which helps in biodegrade… Read More


Changes in agricultural practices and climate have increased the prevalence of mycotoxin contamination of feedstuff. Mycotoxins affect the normal functioning of ruthe men, intestinal tract, liver, kidneys, reprod… Read More


Lactofour is a unique composition for optimum rumen potential & milk yield. It is a wonderful combination of bypass fat, bypass protein, probiotics & vitamins. It helps in maintaining positive ene… Read More


The liver plays a huge role in maintaining the health of animals in lactation as well as transition. KemOLiv RPC is an innovative combination of liver tonic and rumen-protected choline. Supplementation of RPC… Read More

Kem Tracefeed 1000

Trace minerals are vital micro minerals needed for hormone structure, blood synthesis, normal reproduction, vitamin synthesis, enzyme formation, and immune system integrity. Kem Tracefeed 1000 constitutes all … Read More