To meet the needs of modern intensively reared broilers, diets are supplied with a very high nutrient and energy concentration. For that, often fats and oils supplemented to take care of additional energy requirements. Besides their use as energy source fats and oil have other nutritive applications, a source of essential fatty acids and the solvent of fat-soluble vitamins. For proper digestion of fat, bile is very important for the process of emulsification. Natural bile salts in young birds are insufficient to digest fats present in high energy diet. To assure that these energy sources are absorbed efficiently by the bird’s digestive system one should add emulsifiers.

Kemulsifier is oil in water emulsifier produced by sequencing high and low HLB molecules. Phospholipid (Lecithin) is low HLB molecule which disperses big fat drops into micro fat drops, increasing total surface area of fat. Lysophospholipids are high HLB molecule which helps micelle formation. FDA approved feed grade Sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL 10-12 HLB) helps keep micelles stable for better absorption of fatty acids and nutrients. This ensures formation of stable emulsion. Kemulsifier also contains lipase enzyme which hydrolyses fats and oils into fatty acids enhancing fat absorption.

Composition :

Phospholipids (Lecithin)

Lysophospholipids (Lipase treated lecithin, Lysolecithin)

SSL (Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate)

Lipase enzyme

Benefits :

  • Increase utilization of fats by promoting stable emulsion and micelle formation
  • Promote absorption of fat soluble vitamins and other nutrients
  • Lipase incorporation ensures better fat metabolism
  • Better energy utilisation, saves energy and cost: ME can be reduced up to 2% or 50 Kcal/ kg of feed
  • Phospholipids contain active agents like choline, inositol, and ethanolamine. This improves liver metabolism, prevents excess fat built-up and promotes lean meat
  • Improves pellet quality
  • Reduces wet litter condition

Usage :

As per fat usage in the feed:
Fat% in complete feed Kemulsifier
Vegetable oil 1-2% 150-200 g/ ton of feed
2-3% 200-250 g/ ton of feed
3-5% & above 250-300 g/ ton of feed
Animal fat 1-2% 150-200 g/ ton of feed
2-3% 200-300 g/ ton of feed
3-5% & above 300-400 g/ ton of feed

Or as recommended as the veterinarian

Pack size :

5 Kg X 5 drum

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