Phosphorus is one of the most essential inorganic nutrients in the diet. But most of the naturally available Phosphorous in the agro byproducts used in feed is bound to phytic acid hence, making it unavailable for absorption. Phytate may bind to various minerals and amino acids, and reduce their bio-availability. Phytate is also considered as an anti-nutrient for poultry as it reduces protein absorption, mineral absorption and increase mucus production interfering with digestion. Poultry birds lack endogenous enzyme phytase which, catalyses the hydrolytic cleavage of phosphate groups from phytic acid.

Poszyme TM is unique uni-enzyme yeast phytase produced by genetically engineered yeast Pichia pastoris. It is available in granulated form, making it dust free and reduce wastage. Poszyme TM liberates phytate bound Phosphorous, other minerals and amino acids. It is thermostable and can be used in pellet feed. It comes in four variant activities.

Composition :

Phyatse 2500 FTU/ g

Phytase 5000 FTU/ g

Phytase 10000 FTU/ g

Phytase 50000 FTU/ g


  • Improves utilization of phytae bound Phosphorous
  • Helps liberation of phytate bound minerals and amino acids
  • Helps in maintaining bone growth and egg shell quality
  • Helps reducing environmental pollution by reducing excess Phosphorous release

Usage :

Poszyme 5000 FTU/ g

Broiler 100 g/ ton of feed

Layer 60 g/ ton of feed

Or as recommended by Veterinarian

Pack size :

25 Kg bag

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